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Solid–liquid [removed]pressing) is a unit operation in which a liquid is separated from a solid–liquid mixture by mechanical compression. It is widely used in food and related industries to extract juice, and vegetable oils from cellular materials. Our laboratory is equipped with many discontinuous and continuous presses. These presses are used to study and optimize the pressing of many biological materials (oil seeds, insects, fruits, vegetables, algae) to extract valuable compounds (oils, sugars, proteins, polyphenols, colorants).


Hydraulic press

This press is composed of a cylindrical pressing chamber with a diameter of 200 mm and a height of 400 mm. The pressure is delivered by an hydraulic group that can apply 10 to 150 bars. This equipment also has a boiler (H10 type Parmilleux, Lyon, France) to regulate the temperature in the piston and the pressing chamber. An acquisition software allows to record the data during the pressing (collected mass, piston displacement, applied force…).




This micro-press is formed of a 20.6 mm pressing cell with a temperature regulation system and fixed on a food texture analyzer TA.HDi (Stable Microsystems, U.K.). The applied forces can reach 4905N (100 bars) and the piston displacement velocity can be varied between 0.01mm/s and 10mm/s. The applied force and piston displacement are recorded in function of expression time by the acquisition software.

Rheomex 19/33 OS de Haake

Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE Rheomex lab single screw extruder (1 kg/h) is focused on the analysis of rheological and processing characteristics of various materials. With only a small sample, amount customers can simulate production processes and generate films or profiles for further testing. It can be used for a variety of applications including the processing of thermal critical compounds, extrusion, pressing and the development of new compounds. The extruder is equipped with a heating system, four pressure sensors and four temperature probes disposed along the barrel.


Komet screw press

The Komet screw press is a pilot that can treat up to 18 kg/h, according to the raw materials and the pressing parameters. It is composed of a constant diameter-constant path screw and a heating system. Different configurations are possible, by changing the pressing barrels and adjusting the exit diameter. The acquisition software records the oil and press cake mass according to time and the developed pressure in the barrel.

Reinartz AP 08 screw press


The Reinartz AP08 is a pilot screw press used for cold pressing (2-40 kg/h) of agri and agro materials.  This press is equipped with pressure sensors and temperature probes along the press. The data are recorded by an acquisition software. This equipment was designed for efficient oilseeds cold pressing (oil yield > 90 %)

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